I had a dream to give and share
To all the people who came here.
To pass along a little spark
A brighter flame to light the dark.
The people came and then they’d go
Peace and love for all to know.
Within her doors she held the key
To open eyes that they might see.
Many paths they did converge
Along the road someday, they’ll merge.
I came to teach and that I’ve done
To all who quest to know the “One”.
The dream goes on to another place
It does not die but in this space.
Within their hearts she will live
To each some hope did she give.
Many friends have walked through here
Strangers then but now so dear.

I’ve learned from them along the way
And we will meet another day.
The wind has shifted and changed it’s course
It’s filled with promise without remorse.
New friends to make and words to share,
I’ve work to do when I get there.

Wikima is me – it’s not a place.
It doesn’t belong to just this space.
I take it with me wherever I go.
It’s what I am and with love I’ll show
In my work and in my play
Tomorrow will bring a brighter day.
On this adventure we all call life
It cannot be without some strife.

But through the struggle we learn and grow
The winds of change they always blow
And carry us on to better things.
Who can know what life will bring.
Down the road I’ll move along
And smile a lot and sing my song.
To those I meet who wish to grow.
Myself, my heart and love I’ll show.

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