Honoring this Place


We are creatures of the Earth.  We are of Her, on Her, and connected to all that She is.  She is the Land beneath our feet, the Sky above our heads, and the Waters that surround us.  We stand with Fire in the Center, and are One with the Creative Spirit that weaves through us and all that is here with us, connecting us to this sacred place we call Earth.

Feel the solid ground beneath your feet, the dirt, the grasses, the rocks and stones.  See the mountains, the trees and the many plants rooted in this holy soil.  This Land provides all that nourishes our bodies and all of the animals, birds, reptiles, and insects that live here with us.  If we pay attention, there is nothing that we cannot learn and know from this.

Now look around you.  See the Sky above, the blue or the grey of it, the clouds, some streaked, some looking like large pillows, some white, some grey, or tinted pink at the sunset and a lovely yellow orange and sometimes purple at the dawn.  Breathe the air.  Feel the breeze in your hair.  Know that the rains and storms, the lightning, snow and sleet are all of the Sky.  Some of her creatures take to the Sky, leaving the Land to soar above us, carrying seed or pollen so that more might grow on the Land.

Listen for the waters.  Hear the rushing creek, the loud waterfall, or the roaring waves of the Sea.  All water leads back to the Sea.  Sweet water, replenishing water, hydrating all that lives on her shores.  Here too, live all sorts of creatures, their every need provided.

This is home.  We cannot live without the Land, the Sky, or the Sea.  This is our Holy Trinity, holding us, nurturing us, giving us what we need to live and die and live again.  And the sacredness of our love, our compassion, and our holy Fire of Inspiration, feeds our souls, enlightens our minds, and guides us, for we are One with All that is.