About the Ogham

The Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet of unknown origins. Mythologically, the Ogham is attributed to a Celtic god, Ogma. Many experts believe that the Ogham was a tool used by the Druids containing their sacred teachings. Theirs was an oral tradition and each of the letters contained certain teachings as well as a Mystery (or several that were all related). Perhaps they used the letters as visual symbols of those teachings.

It is not known for sure if the Ogham was actually used as an alphabet. It is not known for sure if the Ogham was ever used for divination. And finally, it is not known if the letters were ever used to designate lunar cycles. That is something Robert Graves put forth as his theory in his book—The White Goddess. What is known is that there were many oghams: the letters themselves, bird oghams, tree oghams, etc. The letters were symbols for certain words, not only trees as is thought by most today. What we have is a system that uses several oghams in combination that is not always historically correct, but it works for us as a tool for personal growth.

For each lunar cycle, I will offer the teachings of one letter taken from the Ogham alphabet; letters assigned in the work of Robert Graves’, The White Goddess. I will include what he presents as well as what I have learned over the years as they apply to personal spiritual growth and in establishing a connection with the natural world. Each of the Ogham letters have things from nature associated with it such as birds, animals, stones, colors as well as mythical and nature references, all connected and meant to help us with prevalent energies of the time.

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