Happenings in Brazil

There has been a huge hullabaloo over what took place in Brazil between Z Budapest and Claudiney Prieto.  To those of us who were watching closely – either through Facebook or through friends who were actually there, her first announcement blew off our socks!  We were astounded!

Then the backtracking began.  In one post by Z, she explained how she was overcome with joy during the ritual and that Goddess told her to do this.  I can completely understand being moved in a beautiful and well-executed ritual to act from the heart and not, at that moment, consider, what might follow.  I get, that in thinking about it later in the cold light of day, emotions are different and so now what was announced as an ordination of a priest (not high priest) in her lineage has become a blessing of a Kourette.  Honestly and truly, unless Z has intentions of changing the tradition, that is really all she can do anyway and since a kourette cannot witness nor enter a women’s circle – I am fine with this.

I am not sure about the white kata she put around his neck – I was ordained by Z as a high priestess and received no kata.  The distinction is the process of elevating the new high priestess to the Goddess.  The new priestess stands on her feet to be presented. The new high priestess is raised up to the Goddess by her honor guard. Never will I ever forget my own experience at my ordination in 2000.  To this day, I have no conscious memory of what took place once my honor guard elevated me and we walked the Circle to each of the Quarters.

I do know that two of my Sisters have separated from the lineage and I am greatly saddened by this. However, each of us must do what our hearts and our wisdom tell us.  I continue to offer training in Women’s Mysteries and Feminist Dianic Wicca.  While I do not always agree with what our Founding Mother says, I do believe the Tradition has great value in the Women’s Goddess Community.  What I do and say is how I will be judged by those who find it necessary to judge.

I recently spent time in Brazil and do know from personal experience working with the women in the Dianic Tradition of Brazil, that Women’s Mysteries are alive and well in Brazil.  Do continue to watch for further news about this.