Hymn for Azostos

Hail Hekate!

Hail Hekate Azostos!

I call you, as agent of change,
You who travels against the flow of time
Unrestrained, Unbound, Free.

You hold Sovereignty over Earth, Sea and Sky,
Traveling over mountain tops, through seas, to the Moon and Stars.

I call to you, as facilitator of Fate.
Set me free, Azostos!

I spin and spin and spin
Unclad, removing anything binding my Spirit,
Be it spiritual, mental, psychic or emotional.

I spin chanting, Azostos! Azostos! Azostos!

Hail Hekate Azostos!
Hail Hekate!

Credit for inspiration The Hekataeon by Jack Grayle