About This Blog

I grew up in the Episcopal Church.  For a short while my family went to a church when I was about six years old.  It did not last long for my family, but something drew me in and for the remainder of my childhood, I went to the Episcopal Church and I continued into my adult years.  My father took me every Sunday and to all the other Holy Days I wished to take part in. He would join me at Midnight Masses at Christmas and Easter.

We had a routine every Sunday when I returned from Sunday School and Church.  We would sit with the scripture of that day and read it.  He would ask me what they said it meant. Then he might offer an alternative meaning of his own.  Finally, he would ask me what I thought it meant.  After I told him, he would smile and say, “Excellent! What you think is all that matters.”

What that meant to me was that it was good to question and it was good to have my own opinion of what all the stories in the Bible mean. The result of that caused me to think perhaps I wasn’t even a Christian.  But in the later years of my life, I came to realize that we all have our own beliefs and interpretations of the teachings and the stories of the Bible and the Church.  Most of us just don’t share those beliefs with others.

The Holy Trinity is like any other modern family.  God, the father’s job is to provide financial resourses, make and enforce the rules of the family, and yes, love His children.  The Holy Spirit, thr Mother, noursihes and provides comfort and unconditional love to Her children.  The Son, the Christ and the Light, represents all the children, and is the one whom His parents set all their hopes and expectations on. He carried that cross teaching us that we must also pick our own crosses so that we can work out who we really are and know the mysteries of life. In that we are saved, perhaps from oursleves. This is, of course, a major simplification, but I think you understand.

Her Breath, this blog, represents all the many ways in which I can express the Holy Spirit. She is portrayed throughout life in the guise of many goddesses.  It is through her images that we as women may come to know ourselves.  we can perhaps replace the many “He” with many powerful iomages of “She.” We can unlearn what the patriarchy may have done to us.  We can come to know that we are powerful and beautiful and strong. I believe Her to be not only the “Mother” in the Trinity, but also the Mother of God and of all creation. We all have a mother. She breathes life into all of Creation.