Old Ways Once More

We each began all in one place,
Our memories were lost but save a trace
There were those gifted with the sight
To see the mysteries of their life.

Through the men their wisdom told
To save, preserve and guardedly hold.
Ancient peoples travelled far and wide
North and South, to soon divide.

Those who went south began to write
Their words they shared along with might.
As time does change the words we see
So changes too the mystery.

Ancient mysteries soon were lost
Passed on paper at great cost.
Who could know that through the years
The ancient’s wisdom would disappear.

Those travelling north did keep intact
Their ancient wisdom in their acts.
They kept the words within their minds
Telling to those of like kind.

As the Druids kept our history
So too they kept the mystery.
Never writing, no tools were there
Always speaking, the words to share.

Through the march of ancient Rome
Men were taken from their home.
So the knowledge they never waste
To the women they shared in haste.

Witches, wise ones, healers all
Those that knew and heard the call.
Guarded the knowledge, though not intact
As best they could through violent acts.

As they walked the sign of the wise
They took their wisdom in disguise
And told to others throughout the lands
The Law of the Order in their hands.

As I walk the sign of the wise
There can be no compromise
The story of creation I will tell
To any who listen as tears do swell.

To keep alive this ancient trust
To the wise, pass I must.
The Law of the Order I will share
To those who come and those who care.

Copyright 1991 Deanne Quarrie

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