I found this in my computer this morning …..

Today I set out to find the Sea
To be with my Mother, just She and me.
Traveling around I thought I could find
Some place quiet to clear my mind.

No place seemed right, I couldn’t get there
And as I looked, I felt despair
Spilling over, my tears they came
A threat to other drivers and me the same.

Finally I found a place to park
Not too private, I wished for dark.
I left my car to walk by the beach
With a bad hip and cane – beyond my reach.

And so I gazed at Her from a far
Now wishing for privacy within my car.
I shed my tears, thought they’d never end
Given to Her upon the wind.

I asked Her to take them – to take my pain
But Her answer was No, there is no gain
Only time can heal your broken heart
And only you can do that part.

I thought I would drown in the tears I shed
There was no release, I knew with dread
Nor in my heart, I feel no release
My tears are seeking some kind of peace.

So back in my car, once more I headed home
To be with my self, feeling lost and alone.
To make some sense of this mystery called life
Where love given freely must end in strife.

I beg to release this pain to the Sea
To allow it to flow away from me.
Your help, dear Goddess – please open this door.
Give me courage and strength to find joy once more.

Deanne – September 2001

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