Difficult Conversations

If words that we speak misfire and cause pain
please ask us to clarify and fully explain.
For often it is our limitations at play
for choosing our words and what to say.

Please make no assumptions but give others a chance.
Don’t judge them without asking, please allow them to enhance.
Hold back in assuming, don’t jump at a thought
be open and ask or all is for naught.

When caught up in emotion we can travel two ways.
We either shut down completely or fail to convey.
Don’t jump to conclusions but rather choose trust
and ask what is meant and not assume we’re unjust.

Let us choose love and expect the best
and question our reactions, that is our test.
For love is the answer and a willingness to forgive.
It will strengthen our friendships and bring peace as we live.

One thought on “Difficult Conversations

  1. This is a beautiful expression of wisdom of the deepest kind. I am going to print this out really pretty and put it in a frame to hang in my house.

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.


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