For the Fall Equinox

Persephone and Hades – A Dialogue


“Oh no!  What is happening to me?
Not of my own free will
Have I done this!

Down going deeper
Against my will.
No one enters these shadows willingly.

Here I will be forced to see
What I think is bad.
Anger, desire, greed, hate, fear
Guilt, despair!

Why would I ever
Choose to do this?
I am afraid.
It is dark and oh, so cold here.”


“Here,” a voice said.
“Let me give you a torch.”


“Oh – He is beautiful.
His eyes dark and warm
As He smiles at me.”


“I will help you in these shadows.
Never fear.
You are to be my Queen, my dear.

Once you realize that those aspects
of yourself are all part of you
to be used for good,
you will become whole in yourself.
To rule in this world
you must be strong and sure.

Anger is what can right all wrongs,
If used well.

Desire, brings all things good to you.
Fear, alerts you to danger,
so that precautions can be made.

Greed and envy
Merely serve to help us see
what is really good for us, or not.

Hate, a response to fear
With a lesson to be learned.
So that we can learn to love.

Despair, a sadness that we can finally rise above
and seek out the good in the world.

Come, my dear, take my hand.
Be my bride.
Be the queen you were born to be.

Through my love for you,
You will love yourself,
And all others.

You will see the sadness
In the world,
But give hope to the hopeless,
Love to the unloved
Joy to those who despair.

Come my love, Be my Queen.”


“Oh, yes, my beautiful King.
I am yours.”

Hymn for Agroterra

Hail Hekate!

Hail Hekate Agroterra!

Huntress, you who are Mistress of Beasts,
Present in all cycles of life,
Who, with your golden arrows, are in control.

It was you who wove our souls into physical form,
And who will be there at our descendant’s final breath.

Be with us now,
As we step into these changes.

Assist us, comfort us, guide as,
As we navigate in this difficult time.

Hail Hekate Agroterra!
Hail Hekate!


Your silver trunk and dark spotted branches,
nestled in the winter snow,
your red blood known for many cures.
You drop your seeds in the coldest times,
are the first to grow after fire.

You prepare the way for other trees
and grow on barren land,
your branches while against the whites now,
your fallen leaves and branches,
nourishment for those that follow.

My memories see you standing there
in the wintry home of my youth.
Though in appearance delicate and soft
You have the strength to grow
when others quickly die.

You are the seed of beginnings
of infinite potential
tall, proud Lady of the Woods.


Today is the first day of the Birch Moon


I see you perched on the tree
checking the perimeter for cats lurking.
The feeder below, inviting you down
but you, ever cautious,
make sure that none are about.

Suddenly the sparrows swarm in,
eagerly eating the seed offered.
They flit and flap, and fly about,
scattering seed as they cover the feeder.

Throwing caution to the wind,
down you fly,
eager for your share of the offerings.

You find treats on the ground,
seeds from the tallow above,
a seed so large,
from my window, I see it in your mouth.


I watch you prance, a friend joining you.
Your perky crest and colorful plumage,
your morning dance brings pleasure
as I ponder my coming day.
over my first cup of coffee.



Dog Days, Holly, Spears, and Swords

We are in the first days of what are called the “dog days” of summer. Imagine that the ancients thought that Sirius (one of the dog constellations) was the cause of the extra hot and sultry days of summer because that star rose with the sun each day during this time, and they thought we received heat from it.  But no, there is no heat from Sirius, only the tilt of the earth, giving us more heat.

We have come to equate these dog days of summer with high running emotions – especially frustration and anger.  Let’s face it, when we are hot and uncomfortable, our patience does run a bit thin! There are many aspects of our lives that warrant extra care during the dog days. When traveling with a pet, extra precautions need to be taken to keep your pet safe.  During all the fun and frolic of outdoor barbeques and picnics, steps need to be taken to assure that food is kept cold, as it will spoil much quicker in the heat.


In my spiritual tradition we celebrate the Holly tree, the starling, as well as swords and spears at this time.  The leaves of the holly are barbed and sharp which, mythologically, makes it have protective qualities.  The starling is offered to us to study because the starling is a bird that bands together with their own kind, having lookout scouts and coming together in defensive action.  The sword and spear are clearly weapons and two of the four treasures fought for and won at this time of year.  Even our goddesses are warrior goddesses.

For goddess women, this moon can be uncomfortable with all the aspects of aggression.  This holly moon was preceded by the oak moon and these two trees are seen as twins.  It is thought that the holly was originally the holly oak.  They sit side-by- side in the year and at a time when the seasons change from light to dark. The oak first teaches us to be well grounded if we are to seek the lightning bolt.

When something like these symbols make me uncomfortable, i.e. warlike aggression, I try to see a meaning for them in today’s time and as I would like for them to be – peaceful, at least not bloodletting!

When I first came to this path, I was given a vision. It came spontaneously and so I knew it carried an especially important message for me.  In this vision I was presented with a sword.  It was in the hands of another placed horizontally into my hands.  Balanced quite carefully on the edge of this sharp sword was a pearl, a beautiful and lustrous pearl.  I am not sure how I knew but I knew that the sword was my voice, and the pearl was “balanced wisdom.”  I am a very direct and out-spoken woman.  My directness quite often gets me in trouble because sometimes the truth is not always welcomed.  It serves as a mirror at times for others to see themselves.  This can be extremely uncomfortable and is not always received well.

I grew up under circumstances that were at times very educational but at the same time emotionally challenging.  I was an army brat.  I moved constantly, never living in any one place long enough to establish roots.  This generated a great deal of self-reliance on my part but also put me in a place of always being the new kid in town and subject to the accompanying bullying, especially once I started high school.  Boys are always interested in a pretty new face and the girls, jealous.  This was awfully hard for an introverted teenager.  Thank goodness I was also blessed with that self-reliance and parents who always encouraged me to use my voice.

Because of this background, I seem to have become the voice who defends the bullied, the voice who stands up to unfair treatment, the voice who serves as an advocate for those who cannot otherwise speak for themselves.

I have come to see the sword and spear of this season, the holly moon and the “dog days” of summer to represent words of action, speaking one’s truth and the exercise of one’s voice.

I wrote this about myself one year…

Holly trees are rarely allowed to grow to their full height of sixty-five feet and are instead trimmed down as hedges or ornamental bushes.

I am a Holly Tree. Many of us are Holly Trees. As strong women, women whose voices want to shout out to the world, women who have a really challenging time being silent in the face of injustice, women who rebel at being the fairer sex and those who rebel at being trimmed down or at being ornamental bushes!

Early in life the process of being “trimmed down” begins. We are silenced, shushed, and trained to be “good little girls” and not assertive, bold, or daring!

I am a Holly Tree who has not been trimmed – a Holly Tree who has grown to her full height – a Holly Tree with full spiky leaves – sharp barbs – rich color – full and robust berries – a battle waging spear – who will not – cannot – be silent in the face of injustice. A Holly Tree – strong and tall in service to Goddess!

Deanne Quarrie. D. Min. is a Priestess of The Goddess, and author of six books. She is a Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis as well as a Keybearer in the Covenant of Hekate. She is the founder of the Apple Branch where she teaches courses in Dianic Faerie Craft and mentors those who wish to serve others in their communities. She is also the founder of Hekate’s Tribe, a witchcraft path for those who love Hekate, as well as Global Goddess, a worldwide organization open to all women who honor some form of the divine feminine. All of these paths are backed by the Liminal Thealogical Seminary where students can seek ordination as well as advanced seminary degrees.

Simple Joy

When I hear birds singing
High up in my tree,
I smile and listen to their song.

As I feel the sun shining down
Warm upon my skin,
I feel comforted and held close.

So many memories I can call to myself
My children laughing and playing
Now their children and their children too.

When Finnean, my cat, climbs on the bed
Snuggling up as close as he can
I know he is saying I love you.

When Calhoun, my furry friend
Sings when the telephone rings
I laugh, with pleasure at his song.

When I create in the kitchen
And it looks pretty too,
A picture and the recipe are shared.

When the wind is blowing hard
And trees are bending down
I know a storm is coming soon.

Thunder now, lightning close by
Rain falling hard against the ground
I feel supercharged, empowered by the sound.

Frogs hopping about in puddles made from the rain
I laugh at their pleasure
That they, like me, love playing in the rain.

The sky clears and the sun comes out
And with that, a beautiful rainbow
Wonder and joy are mine with this gift.

So many gifts when we just open our eyes
Breathe in, taste, feel and hear
All the sounds of life.

Phone Message Left on Phone at the Closing of Wikima

Wikima’s gone – here no more.
Couldn’t handle being poor.
Took the shop and moved away
Looking for a brighter day.
Wikima’s there, within your heart
Even though we had to part.

Love the Earth we live upon.
Wake up to a brighter dawn.
Walk your talk and walk it tall.
Do your part however small.
Be in balance with all around.
Keep harmony in your surround.

We’re all related, don’t you see?
May you ever, Blessed Be!!

Widgets and Gidgets

Widgets and gidgets and wickety pop
Things I have and things I got.
Things of beauty and works of art
Things of which I am a part.
All collected and put away
To savor and hold another day.

Books and papers and magical things
Beads and baubles and silver rings,
All mementos of yesterday.
I touch and hold and wish to play
And dance the music of the past
All saved to make my memories last.

Wrapping and boxing I recall
Dreams and lovers, good times all.
Friends and happenings all come clear
These are things that make life dear.
So, I’ll keep them a little bit longer
To make the future that much stronger

If I remember what’s said and done.
Then I’ll not fear what’s yet to come.

Old Ways Once More

We each began all in one place,
Our memories were lost but save a trace
There were those gifted with the sight
To see the mysteries of their life.

Through the men their wisdom told
To save, preserve and guardedly hold.
Ancient peoples travelled far and wide
North and South, to soon divide.

Those who went south began to write
Their words they shared along with might.
As time does change the words we see
So changes too the mystery.

Ancient mysteries soon were lost
Passed on paper at great cost.
Who could know that through the years
The ancient’s wisdom would disappear.

Those travelling north did keep intact
Their ancient wisdom in their acts.
They kept the words within their minds
Telling to those of like kind.

As the Druids kept our history
So too they kept the mystery.
Never writing, no tools were there
Always speaking, the words to share.

Through the march of ancient Rome
Men were taken from their home.
So the knowledge they never waste
To the women they shared in haste.

Witches, wise ones, healers all
Those that knew and heard the call.
Guarded the knowledge, though not intact
As best they could through violent acts.

As they walked the sign of the wise
They took their wisdom in disguise
And told to others throughout the lands
The Law of the Order in their hands.

As I walk the sign of the wise
There can be no compromise
The story of creation I will tell
To any who listen as tears do swell.

To keep alive this ancient trust
To the wise, pass I must.
The Law of the Order I will share
To those who come and those who care.

Copyright 1991 Deanne Quarrie


I had a dream to give and share
To all the people who came here.
To pass along a little spark
A brighter flame to light the dark.
The people came and then they’d go
Peace and love for all to know.
Within her doors she held the key
To open eyes that they might see.
Many paths they did converge
Along the road someday, they’ll merge.
I came to teach and that I’ve done
To all who quest to know the “One”.
The dream goes on to another place
It does not die but in this space.
Within their hearts she will live
To each some hope did she give.
Many friends have walked through here
Strangers then but now so dear.

I’ve learned from them along the way
And we will meet another day.
The wind has shifted and changed it’s course
It’s filled with promise without remorse.
New friends to make and words to share,
I’ve work to do when I get there.

Wikima is me – it’s not a place.
It doesn’t belong to just this space.
I take it with me wherever I go.
It’s what I am and with love I’ll show
In my work and in my play
Tomorrow will bring a brighter day.
On this adventure we all call life
It cannot be without some strife.

But through the struggle we learn and grow
The winds of change they always blow
And carry us on to better things.
Who can know what life will bring.
Down the road I’ll move along
And smile a lot and sing my song.
To those I meet who wish to grow.
Myself, my heart and love I’ll show.