Simple Joy

When I hear birds singing
High up in my tree,
I smile and listen to their song.

As I feel the sun shining down
Warm upon my skin,
I feel comforted and held close.

So many memories I can call to myself
My children laughing and playing
Now their children and their children too.

When Finnean, my cat, climbs on the bed
Snuggling up as close as he can
I know he is saying I love you.

When Calhoun, my furry friend
Sings when the telephone rings
I laugh, with pleasure at his song.

When I create in the kitchen
And it looks pretty too,
A picture and the recipe are shared.

When the wind is blowing hard
And trees are bending down
I know a storm is coming soon.

Thunder now, lightning close by
Rain falling hard against the ground
I feel supercharged, empowered by the sound.

Frogs hopping about in puddles made from the rain
I laugh at their pleasure
That they, like me, love playing in the rain.

The sky clears and the sun comes out
And with that, a beautiful rainbow
Wonder and joy are mine with this gift.

So many gifts when we just open our eyes
Breathe in, taste, feel and hear
All the sounds of life.

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