For the Fall Equinox

Persephone and Hades – A Dialogue


“Oh no!  What is happening to me?
Not of my own free will
Have I done this!

Down going deeper
Against my will.
No one enters these shadows willingly.

Here I will be forced to see
What I think is bad.
Anger, desire, greed, hate, fear
Guilt, despair!

Why would I ever
Choose to do this?
I am afraid.
It is dark and oh, so cold here.”


“Here,” a voice said.
“Let me give you a torch.”


“Oh – He is beautiful.
His eyes dark and warm
As He smiles at me.”


“I will help you in these shadows.
Never fear.
You are to be my Queen, my dear.

Once you realize that those aspects
of yourself are all part of you
to be used for good,
you will become whole in yourself.
To rule in this world
you must be strong and sure.

Anger is what can right all wrongs,
If used well.

Desire, brings all things good to you.
Fear, alerts you to danger,
so that precautions can be made.

Greed and envy
Merely serve to help us see
what is really good for us, or not.

Hate, a response to fear
With a lesson to be learned.
So that we can learn to love.

Despair, a sadness that we can finally rise above
and seek out the good in the world.

Come, my dear, take my hand.
Be my bride.
Be the queen you were born to be.

Through my love for you,
You will love yourself,
And all others.

You will see the sadness
In the world,
But give hope to the hopeless,
Love to the unloved
Joy to those who despair.

Come my love, Be my Queen.”


“Oh, yes, my beautiful King.
I am yours.”

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