Calling the Ancestors

We call to those who have gone before,
Ancient Ones, loved ones
who have left this plane,
spirit helpers, all.
We are gathered here in sacred space
to reach beyond the veil.
We have reaped the harvest
and stored them for the coming year.

We face a time of cold and dark,
of wind and sleet and snow.
It is the end of warmth and growth,
a time of death and quiet repose.
This is the night to lift the veil,
a time when you are near.
Draw close to us within this space,
your message we would hear.

Speak to us of what you will,
of things you know or need.
Speak to us of times long past,
or that which is yet to come.
Share with us those things we feel,
but somehow cannot touch.
We know we know the things of old
yet somehow they are lost.

They come to us from beyond the veil,
from this place that is no place,
from a time where no time exists.
They will speak to us of love,
for that is all there is.
Those who have come before
stand ever ready to lend a hand,
even though we do not always know they are near.

As you reach to them,
try not so hard
to see a face,
but search for love within your soul.
Create a channel to summon forth;
a bond – a tie between us.
Form a link, with love unite,
and share the present moment.

Draw from them the love you need
and know the promise of tomorrow.
They will speak with us of times of old
and the future yet to come
and as you face the coming dark
and know it’s bitter cold,
warmth will come once more
with the turning of the wheel.