Revelry at Midsummer

Midsummer brings a craziness of spirit,
a wild urging to break loose and soar.
Drones impregnate the queen
and fall to death’s door.

My longing and lustful heart
seeks this ecstatic trance
is it the Horned Sun King
drawing me to the dance?

I seek the company of wild youth
to dance at revel fires,
drumming out nature’s rhythms
triggering my inner desire.

Heat caught from the Solstice Fire
and the sun on its longest day
awakens this sleeping woman
now ready for sacred play.

I want to dance bare breasted in the sun
seeking the fire and the flame,
my heart opening to all that is
a woman wild and untamed.

One thought on “Revelry at Midsummer

  1. This is fabulous! Drones impregnate the Queen and fall to deaths door…I could hear the humming of bees!

    Dancing bare breasted in the sun…oh the imagery! You have so captured the magick of the season of the wild woman heart!


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