I saw you on a Moonbeam, a gift from Ix Chel’s jar.
I saw you on a Moonbeam, so close and yet, so far.
You smiled at me and blew a kiss, a treasured gift to see.
I saw you on a Moonbeam and shouted out with glee.

Take me with you, I cried, to a far and distant land
We’ll play and shout our laughter and I shall hold your hand.
We will kiss and love and dance about, our joy for all to see
While skipping on that Moonbeam, together you and me!

What fun we’ll have in dreamtime, together we both will share
Our joys and happy pleasures while dancing way up there.
So take my hand and we will play across the many miles
Until such time that I shall see, your soft and gentle smile.

Deanne March 2001

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