Her Breath

I am a child of the Earth. I live and breathe, walk and dance upon Her face. She is my source and I learn from Her each day. This I know…
Life begins in the dark as Desire.
Deep in that dark place life begins to form, taking root and becoming…..

As life stirs…… deep in the Mother’s Belly, there is a gentle quickening, movement that alerts us to a “knowing” of the presence of something yet to come.
As the Earth prepares Herself with warmth, the rains and waters come and flood the land, nourishing the soil in which She is creating new life.
Earth and Water and Fire come together and Form continues to take shape.

One last thing is needed. Just as new form emerges, She breathes Air upon it. Her Breath, giving Life to all that She has nurtured.
Earth and Water and Fire and Air

Deanne Quarrie

I posted this poem, I believe as my very first poem in this blog. It is the time of year that the Her Breath truly brings forth life.

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