Cardea. Mother of the Wind

I feel your breath on my skin like the gentle wind blowing in my face as I open to you in the morning. I breathe your air, feeling it enter me, and it becomes our breath, sweet air – shared with all that is.

Dew-fresh, I am called to gaze upon your beauty. I touch your sweet petals; they unfold, soft as velvet to my touch and I am renewed by your awakening.

Words come to me in gentle currents on the air as I breathe. Words that inspire, words that lift, words coming from my heart and my soul, sharing myself with You.

Beautiful Cardea, Keeper of the Four Winds, you who lives behind the North Wind in the starry castle at the hinge of the universe, you who is Mistress of all Openings, I call to you! I invite you to share this magical space with us!

Blessed Be

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