swift moving
rushing forward
cold and clear
mountain stream, wash me clean.
tidal flow
rolling in
pounding at the edge
take my pain that I may live.
gentle rain
cool and damp
fresh and moist
awaken me to renewal.

3 thoughts on “Water

  1. Lovely poetry! Have you always enjoyed writing? Sounds like it. Are you a fan of Mary Oliver? My favorite collection is TWELVE MOONS. She also has that beautiful fragile collection about grief that is almost too real to read. (I don’t remember the name off the top of my head.)

    Anyway, thanks for directing me to your blog. I’m glad I visited.

    Love, Carolyn

  2. Yes, I have always loved to write – poetry being my favorite mode of expression. In order for it to really work for me, however, I must be emotionally moved to create it in the firstplace! I decided that using my photography was a good way to write about nature – of course through the years there has been poetry on many topics – some I share – some I don’t. I am working on my fifth book right now!

    • Simply beautiful. For a moment as I read this I was standing in water, feeling it wash over me, refreshing and renewing my own soul. Magickal.

      Love, Aura

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