Ogham Few for the Week of March 10, 2013 – Nion



Third Consonant
  Image by Drew Morton
Letters ~ Support ~ Connection
Checking of peace~ weaving of silk
Contest of women ~ Contest of beauty
Color ~ necht ~ clear
Tree ~ uinnsiu ~ash ~ nentog ~nettle
Bird ~ naescu ~ Snipe
Note ~ a
Planet ~ Juno

Consider: Do I have obligations and what are they? How are my relationships with others?

Associations: peace, choices, contracts, agreements, harmony, women’s power, networking, safety-net.

Healing: the “tonic of life” and inner health.
Messages/Uses: sacred breath of life, Frenette—from the viper’s poisonous bite, justice of fate, strong urgings, winds of change, control over impatience.

Song of Amergin:
“I am a wind on a deep lake”

Interpretation: Nion is the link between the inner and outer worlds.  We are able to function in deep, watery places, in the realms of the underworld.  It is our flexible, psychic strength.  It is the weave of fate and the guardian of peace.  Take care to see things in their larger context.  Note how all actions have their reactions and note how you influence the world with your actions, physical and spiritual.  Act; take bold action when action is called for.  The challenge of the Ash is the determination of hidden influences and appearances.  Things are not always as they seem and you must be perceptive enough to see what is noble. There is a tendency to cut one’s self off from the world.

We are actually in the lunar cycle of Nion if working with the Sacred Tree Moons.  This is the time of wind over water.  This wind can be like a breath of fresh air, breathing life into form or it can come at us as a storm tearing apart all in its path.

I seem to be experiencing this wind over water in both ways right now.  I am manifesting – breathing life force into current projects, creating and making things happen in my life.  At the same time I seem to be digging myself deeper into family turmoil and further isolating myself because I find myself unable to forgive. Why is it so hard to say, “I am sorry my words hurt your feelings.” That was all I was looking for.  Instead what I got was more blame, more shame and further attempt to make me the villain. So my attempt at mending bridges this weekend stirred up those winds even more.  I wanted to use the dark moon energy to bring peace but instead the wind has escalated and I have further isolated myself.

And so, I turn back to caring for myself, to finding ways to restore my sense of well-being while relying solely on myself and accepting that truly it is up to me to find happiness again.

Now is not the time for rash decisions. Slowly, carefully awaken what it is you wish to give life to.  Be tender in your efforts lest the storm blow.

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