Coll ~ Ogham Few Drawn Today, May 20, 2013




The Tree

Hazel – Coll

Literal meaning




Place on the hand

First Joint of the Ring Finger 


Cron – Brown


Banded Red Agate


Corr – The Crane  


Minerva, Sophia, (Celtic – Sionnain, Brighid the Poet, Bóann of the Boyne, Nechtan the Guardian of the Well of Wisdom)


Wisdom and the Salmon


Return to our source of wisdom

Musical Note




Flower essence

Chestnut Bud


Poetic inspiration, well of wisdom, world tree, liminality, source of wisdom, tradition, the senses, visionary ability, creative ability, wisdom, second sight, omen-taking

Book of Ballymote

Coll, that is everyone is eating of its nuts.

Word Ogham of Morainn

cóiniu fedaib, fairest of trees

Word Ogham of Cú Chulainn

milsem fedo,  sweetest of woods, a nut/sweetest tree.

Word Ogham of Oengus

carae blóesc , friend of cracking/friend of nutshells


Notes: The complex of symbols surrounding the hazel tree and its nuts is deep and complex. The hazel is the symbol of poetic wisdom for the Celts, along with the salmon. The nine hazels of wisdom stand around the well of wisdom in which the salmon of wisdom lives. The well of wisdom is the source of the five senses.

There is actually no bird listed in the source materials for Coll in the bird ogham, and so we assigned the crane to this letter, because it has a deep connection with wisdom and magic. Manannán’s crane bag contained language as one of its treasures, and language is the way through which inspiration and wisdom are expressed.

Interpretation: Coll represents the distillation of the pure and concentrated essence of anything, especially knowledge.  It is the essence of the use of language for communication, the mystery of how ideas are formed and realized in human consciousness.  It is from this ultimate source that creative energy is produced.  It is the essence of all truth and beauty.  Either you will become the facilitator of self-discovery for others, or you will soon be the recipient of some teaching from others.  Concentrate on the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.  You may be called upon to arbitrate in a conflict, or, some conflict you are having will be mediated on the principles of wisdom.  Search for the source of all things.  There is mastery and skill being directed in a conscious way.  The challenge is that there may be a tendency not to follow intuition, and as a result, your creativity may be blocked.  You may be blocked by fear of failure, or you may experience blockages from outside yourself.

Question to Consider: From where do I draw my wisdom?  In what ways do I apply it usefully?

2 thoughts on “Coll ~ Ogham Few Drawn Today, May 20, 2013

  1. Greetings from abroad kind Deanne! I am glad to came across your gorgeous site while browsing our common devotion for Danu… Moreover…I have came across this post which is curiously coincident with the thought I ever had about associating “corr” with the letter Coll of the ogham alphabet!… I had always thought that this missing bird might have probably been a forgetfulness of the scribes…hehe
    I am particularly quite interested in Celtic tree lore… and Ogham divination, hope you too do so and yearn to read more about your researches on this subject.
    Keep up the sacred flame as always….
    Bright blessings )o(

    • thank you for your kind comments. Sadly IO have not continued my Ogham posts here at my blog – certainly do continue on with y studies however! A thirty year passion not to be dropped! MY entry into the Ogham came through Robert Graves and the White Goddess but my passion has taken me into historical research and finally into my own inner understandings and use.

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