A Change in the Air

Lying in the cool, green grass, I feel it thick beneath me.
I gaze at the clouds in the sky and my mind wanders,
drifting out to times remembered and times yet to come.
I feel close to the Earth, immanently connected and
embraced by the unknown universe above.

I have sought to learn the secrets of both
and the more I think I know
the more I realize how much there is yet to learn.
They keep their secrets guarded from inquisitive minds
giving a bit at a time, just enough to tempt
a hungry mind to search for more.

I remember when I used to take a nice thick blade of grass
between my two thumbs and raise it to my lips
squealing  a sound out into the wind.
I try it now and there it is,
that old familiar sound still there, even now.

I see the geese flying overhead
the cool air of autumn blew in on the wind today.
They are honking their way south.
As I think about this time of calm and stillness
summer’s end and just now feeling the change
moving toward winter, but first a time to watch
all the colors change from green to yellows and browns.

Trees know that it is time to rest and close down.
A time to prepare for the inward journey of the dark.
I think I’ll lie here in the grass for a while longer
taking in the autumn day and feeling the Earth
rich and warm beneath me while my mind wanders
with pleasant thoughts that drift
and spiral with no purpose but to just be.


SpringAt the highest point on the tree, you stretch, reaching for the sun.

Your pink petals elegant in their grace, you stand alone.

Bravest of all, for leaves have yet to come to offer shade

Branches bare except for furry buds that will soon
follow in imitation of your daring first move.

Intrepid flower of Spring, I feel like you in my yearning for the Sun!

All that I Can Be

Oh, that my eyes be open
May I see to every side
Above and below me
Within and all about.

May my words speak my feelings
So that you can understand
The depth of my emotion
My joy and yes, my pain.

Oh that my heart be open
To give and to receive
May love be what moves me
in all that I can be

As the hawk flies above me,
May I be like he
My far seeing eyes missing nothing
As far as I can see.

As the sweet rose before me
Unfolds as it must
May I open fully
In love and in trust

As water flows over rocks
And down this wide stream
May words come like healing
Through prayers and in dreams



Watcher sits just behind my left shoulder,
His disdainful look ever with me.
I asked him once what I could do to make his job easier
And he declared quite vehemently, “open your eyes.”

Hawks see everything below them
Soaring as they do on high
Their keen eyes missing nothing
In their search for predator and prey.

Solitary creatures by nature
Territorial, sharing only with owl,
Hunting by day as owl seeks at night
Allowing no other intrusion.

Soaring majestically in your realm
You have chosen to enter mine,
Offering clear vision for what I miss
In my narrowly focused world.

It is like having an added sense,
A keen knowing beforehand,
Of what is coming
Before my poor eyes can see.

Let me take up my drum
And climb upon your back.
We’ll visit new realms on wings together
seeing with wonder the land below.

Treasured friend, bonded brother
You offer this gift of sight
You are steadfast and loyal
As you for me watch day after day.

Brother in spirit, may I be worthy
Of your loyalty and love,
For your gift of vision and clear seeing
I honor you and trust you always.

Morning Peace

Spring Morning

A soft breeze gently lifts a leaf to float above the grass.
I feel the calm and peace of the breeze.
A light rain has washed clean any lingering disturbance in my space.
I am refreshed and renewed.
The sun lifts her face into the sky bringing warmth and light to my world.
She awakens all in her light of a new day.
Birds begin their songs and my heart lifts in the joy of the moment.
I breathe in the fresh morning air and know the calm of peace.

Be ~ ing In Your Embrace

Be-ing: In Your Embrace

I feel your breath on my skin like the gentle wind blowing in my face as I open the window to my garden in the morning. I breathe your air, feeling it enter me. It becomes our breath, our clean, sweet air.

You surround me in vibrant color with red, yellow, purple, and blue wildflowers dancing at my feet. Sweet and pungent, your scent drifts toward me, warming me, reminding me of loves I have known. Memories of passion, each embrace a sacred moment with you.

Dew-fresh, I am called to gaze upon your beauty. I touch your sweet petals; they unfold, soft as velvet to my touch. I am renewed with your awakening.

My own heat rises as your sunlight streams upon me. With your energy pulsing through me I am transformed. Passion stirs in me. I am at once lifted, seeking and yearning for your embrace. Feeling my heart, beating to your rhythm, I am reminded of the joy in life.

Your Holy Waters bring forth life. Sweet gentle stream, I lay beside you in such pleasure. I dream of loss, renewal, and then, hope. I feel the life force of my womb, which once brought forth life. I recognize your flow in my blood, my woman’s blood, now but a memory in this crone’s body, still strong and sure.

Suddenly I am in all waters, first riding the wave of the ocean, reveling in the speed of my body moving with the wave, then in a cascading waterfall, which showers me in newness.

I lie on the ground and feel you, Mother. Your cool, damp soil runs through my fingers, and I feel the moistness of your body. I am grounded, held close in your embrace. The grass nestles me in softness and I am strengthened by the simplicity of your care. I am healed by your love, Mother.

Seeking to pull the warmth of your golden rays to me, I reach for you in the sky and feel your heat like that of a lover, quickening my pulse, my body longing for surrender.

Earth and Water, Wind and Fire, you surround me all my days. All that my eyes gaze upon is of you, within me and without.

Creatrix, Mother of All Life, I thank you for this experience of Be-ing in your embrace.

Her Breath

I am a child of the Earth. I live and breathe, walk and dance upon Her face. She is my source and I learn from Her each day. This I know…
Life begins in the dark as Desire.
Deep in that dark place life begins to form, taking root and becoming…..

As life stirs…… deep in the Mother’s Belly, there is a gentle quickening, movement that alerts us to a “knowing” of the presence of something yet to come.
As the Earth prepares Herself with warmth, the rains and waters come and flood the land, nourishing the soil in which She is creating new life.
Earth and Water and Fire come together and Form continues to take shape.

One last thing is needed. Just as new form emerges, She breathes Air upon it. Her Breath, giving Life to all that She has nurtured.
Earth and Water and Fire and Air

Deanne Quarrie

I posted this poem, I believe as my very first poem in this blog. It is the time of year that the Her Breath truly brings forth life.