Feeding the Dead

Feeding the Dead

Most people love this time of year and I share much of that. Living in South Central Texas we only have two seasons, with a perhaps two to three weeks in between what we laughingly call spring and fall. Because the winters are not harsh here, the step into spring feels different from those whose winters are frozen for months on end. We do experience some relief when our temperatures finally drop a bit in October. Even then those drops are only teasers. When we do finally get a briskness in the air in the wee, early morning hours of dawn but when the sun rises overhead, any memory of that coolness is forgotten. This morning at 5:30 am, when I woke, it was 54 degrees. I stepped outside to smell and feel the air, so clean and cool. And yet, now it is 85 degrees and rising, it once more feels like summer. We don’t have the sudden frosts that turn our trees to vibrant reds, yellows and browns. Yes, the leaves eventually turn and fall to the ground, but we have no heavy freeze and so our colors are pale compared to those in the North and colder climates. Continue reading

The Sacred Boar and the Dark of the Year

For the last few weeks I have been feeling the presence of the Boar. This would not be completely out of the blue as the Boar is the sacred animal for this lunar cycle of Gort – representing tenacity and ruthless strength. In my spiritual practice, I travel into the Otherworld and typically discover allies with animals. My first step in getting to know an animal that has become present, I do the research.

Celtic Boar

Wikimedia Commons

“The Boar is the beast of death,” (Graves, 210), and much of what we read about Boars and pigs is in general connected with death. Death is a concern in most religions and contemplation of death takes on a special vividness and immediacy. The Boar is, among other things, a devourer; it is a menace to crops and to people, it is voracious and it is omnivorous. Even the goat will not eat meat, its young, or manure. Continue reading