I saw you on a Moonbeam, a gift from Ix Chel’s jar.
I saw you on a Moonbeam, so close and yet, so far.
You smiled at me and blew a kiss, a treasured gift to see.
I saw you on a Moonbeam and shouted out with glee.

Take me with you, I cried, to a far and distant land
We’ll play and shout our laughter and I shall hold your hand.
We will kiss and love and dance about, our joy for all to see
While skipping on that Moonbeam, together you and me!

What fun we’ll have in dreamtime, together we both will share
Our joys and happy pleasures while dancing way up there.
So take my hand and we will play across the many miles
Until such time that I shall see, your soft and gentle smile.

Deanne March 2001

Yearning …

When you’re not here I imagine my fingers on your skin …
Warm and soft and yielding to my touch.

When you’re not here, I close my eyes and feel you
Nestled closely in my arms, sharing our love.

When you’re not here, I smell you hair filled with sunshine
Collected as you tend your garden.

I see it now, the same, yet, empty without you
Waiting …. like me … for your return.

March 2001


I found this in my computer this morning …..

Today I set out to find the Sea
To be with my Mother, just She and me.
Traveling around I thought I could find
Some place quiet to clear my mind.

No place seemed right, I couldn’t get there
And as I looked, I felt despair
Spilling over, my tears they came
A threat to other drivers and me the same.

Finally I found a place to park
Not too private, I wished for dark.
I left my car to walk by the beach
With a bad hip and cane – beyond my reach.

And so I gazed at Her from a far
Now wishing for privacy within my car.
I shed my tears, thought they’d never end
Given to Her upon the wind.

I asked Her to take them – to take my pain
But Her answer was No, there is no gain
Only time can heal your broken heart
And only you can do that part.

I thought I would drown in the tears I shed
There was no release, I knew with dread
Nor in my heart, I feel no release
My tears are seeking some kind of peace.

So back in my car, once more I headed home
To be with my self, feeling lost and alone.
To make some sense of this mystery called life
Where love given freely must end in strife.

I beg to release this pain to the Sea
To allow it to flow away from me.
Your help, dear Goddess – please open this door.
Give me courage and strength to find joy once more.

Deanne – September 2001